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MU Legend check is Over

MU Legend check is Over
In letter of the alphabet legend check very appreciate the implication you all showed to create letter of the alphabet Legend the most effective game attainable.All cheap mu legend zen studios were concerned during this feverish moment throughout the eight hours the take a look at has been ran.Mu legend have currently lots of material to figure on for a far better understanding of our servers integrity and roadmap.Mu legend need to mention 1st many thanks for your convenience and resilience!

Mu legend have aware our developpers that letter of the alphabet legend would really like to increase the five hundred sure Redzen to whoever tried to log in - even while not success - to the sport. because it can depend upon the information assortment created and their readings, letter of the alphabet legend can wait once their certainty on the technical feasability.

Thanks to the information collected, letter of buy mu legend zen alphabet legend are able to optimize our game and also the servers settings. It is currently time for the letter of the alphabet team to rest and find prepared for a replacement week of exciting news! Thank you pretty much for creating letter of the alphabet legend game "Even Stronger Now!"bY here now.. well done! come on. so thanks!
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